Each Shadowkind entry consists of a description of the species, including appearance and general disposition. It also provides insight into how the species generally interacts with the mundane world. Following the descriptive text is a summary of general traits and special qualities.
Size: The species' size. Shadowkind that are exceptionally large or small receive modifiers to their Defense, attack rolls, grapple checks, and Hide skill checks.
Ability Modifiers: These modifiers adjust the ability scores of every member of the species.
Base Speed: The distance an average member of the species can move (in feet) during a move action. In general, Medium and Large characters have a base speed of 30 feet, while Small characters have a base speed of 20 feet. Dwarves, though Medium, are slower due to their stockiness.
Special Qualities: Special qualities include species bonuses to skill checks and saving throws, bonus feats, and natural armor bonuses to Defense (if any). This section also describes any special abilities of the species, including special combat bonuses, the ability so see in low light or utter darkness, and the ability to resist magic.
Free Language Skills: Shadowkind species receive a certain number of Read/Write Language and Speak Language skills for free, without spending any skill points. These free language skills are listed here.
Other Languages: Other Shadow languages commonly known to members of the species. Shadowkind may learn additional languages, following the rules presented under the Speak Language and Read/Write Language skill descriptions.
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