Call Weaponry

Dexterity [Teleportation]
Level: Telepath 1/Psionic Agent 1; Display: Audible, Material; Manifestation Time: Attack action; Range: Touch; Effect: 1 unattended weapon (see text); Duration: 1 hour/level (see text) (D); Saving Throw: None; Power Resistance: No; Power Points: 1 (see text)
You call a weapon "from thin air" into your waiting hand (actually, it is a real weapon hailing from some other random location) as a free action. You don't have to see or know of a weapon to call it-in fact, you can't ever call a specific weapon. You just specify the type. If the specified weapon type is one you can call at your level, it appears. If you call a projectile weapon, it comes loaded with a clip, box, or chamber of ammunition, as appropriate (the ammunition does not have an enhancement bonus, even at 10th level and above). If you relinquish your grip on the weapon you called for 2 or more rounds, it automatically returns to wherever it originally came from.
As your level increases, you can summon better weapons, although the power point cost is also greater.
Level Weapons Example
Power Points
1-3 Simple melee Knife
4-6 Handgun Colt Python
7-9 SMG, rifle, shotgun Winchester 94
10 Exotic or Archaic melee Katana
Weapons gained by call weaponry are distinctive due to the low hum they emit.
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