One of the most difficult questions facing intelligent creatures who find themselves suddenly living on our side of Shadow is how to support themselves. Many of the skills and abilities that were highly prized in their former lives have no application (no legal application, that is) in the mundane world. Some, however, find their natural talents have unexpected outlets.
Such is the case with the members of Cirque des Moitie, a collection of halflings who have formed a troupe of acrobats and clowns that mundane crowds know as "the Greatest Little Show on Earth." Cirque has become world famous for precision acrobatics, sets and music that are often described as "otherworldly," and routines so spectacular that crowds swear they must be magical. Of course, the truth of the matter is that they are magical. The troupe builds their shows using not only the halflings' natural agility but knowledge of arcane and divine magic, too. They also employ a number of gnomes to design and build sets, and a few dwarves to do strength- and stamina- based acts. Occasionally they will also hire on members of other, taller races to play specific roles, but in general they try to make sure that their performers are of small stature.
Among Shadowkind, Cirque des Moitie is considered one of the greatest success stories of adapting to the mundane world. Elves, half-orcs, and other races do not find the acts awesome in the way mundane crowds do, but they still come to the show in droves simply to celebrate the halflings' success.
Cirque des Moitie constantly travels the globe. This makes it a difficult organization for heroes to belong to (unless they can squeeze their adventures in between the two-shows nightly schedule). Other than that there is no reason that any hero of size small or lower (with high Dexterity and Charisma scores) couldn't join the Cirque. And, in fact, the troupe does employ larger, stronger races to work on the stage crew.
The performers of Cirque des Moitie spend a great deal of time developing both their physical prowess and their acting abilities. The troupe has a training regimen that they guard as closely as warrior monks guard their secret martial techniques. Members of this organization may use the following feats to fill any open feat slots.