Other Vehicles

A few types of vehicles don't fit neatly into the categories covered above. Many of these (like the emergency aid vehicle and urban assault vehicle) are usually custom built, so the model name isn't specified as it is with most other vehicles. The description and statistics reflect a typical design.
Emergency Aid Vehicle
When someone needs medical attention, this is what shows up. It contains a large amount of medical and emergency rescue supplies. An emergency aid vehicle is two squares wide and four squares long.
Fire Truck
There are technically two types of fire trucks-pumpers, which have large water tanks, and ladder trucks, which mount enormous ladders for getting firefighters up high. A fire truck is two squares wide and six squares long.
Police Peacekeeper
When mobs are rioting in the streets, some police departments roll out these armored personnel carriers to help quell violence. In addition to their size and intimidating appearance, police APCs mount a water cannon, loudspeaker, and grenade launcher that fires tear gas rounds. The police peacekeeper is crewed by a driver, a "gunner" (for the water cannon), and a commander. It has three top hatches, one above each crew position, and a large door in back for police to load or disembark. It takes one full-round action to enter an APC through a top hatch, and another full-round action to start it moving. Police armored personnel carriers are two squares wide and four squares long.
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