General Purpose Trucks

Trucks include pickups, sport-utility vehicles, vans and minivans. They generally have the same range of features as civilian cars. Like cars, trucks generally provide three-quarters cover to their occupants. The rear beds of pickup trucks, however, provide only one-half cover.
Ford Econoline 150
A typical full-sized van used for hauling cargo or passengers, the Ford Econoline 150 comes with two conventional doors up front, sliding doors on the side, and a rear hatch-style door. It is two squares wide and four squares long.
Jeep Wrangler
The Wrangler is a small truck designed for serious off-roading. It sports oversized tires, a roll bar, and heavy-duty shock absorbers. It's not fast, but can get through difficult terrain much better than a normal car. A Wrangler is two squares wide and three squares long.
Peterbilt 379
The cab of this 18-wheeler has the classic long nose of most big rigs. It is spacious, powerful, and comfortable. This model includes a sleeper space immediately behind the cab, giving the driver a home away from home. The Peterbilt 379 also carries a basic mechanical tool kit, a CB radio (essentially a professional walkie-talkie with twice the usual range), and a GPS receiver. The vehicle is two squares wide and fourteen squares long, including a full-sized trailer. The cab alone is five squares long. The cab provides three-quarters cover to its occupants, and being in the trailer provides full cover.
Tow Truck
A tow truck is a large diesel-powered vehicle with a professional grade tow bar/winch used for hauling inoperative cars. It takes 2d10 minutes to hook up a car with the tow bar-a successful Repair check (DC 10) can halve the time. Most tow trucks also carry a basic mechanical tool kit, CB radio, and one-gallon gas can. A tow truck is two squares wide and four squares long.