General Purpose Motorcycles

Unlike getting into a car, mounting a motorcycle is a free action. Motorcycles tend to perform better than automobiles, but they provide no cover to their occupants.
The V-Rod combines the aesthetics of a traditional Harley with the engine of a racing bike. Using a liquid-cooled engine that kicks out 115 horsepower, this monster combines the "biker" mystique with the speed of a racing bike. The V-Rod is one square wide by two squares long.
Police Motorcycle
Most police departments use Harley-Davidson motorcycles, specially altered to suit the department's needs and painted to look obvious. It has a professional CB radio, siren, bubble lights, and a powerful 1450 cc engine. It has two large saddlebags that contain the following items: 6 zip-ties, 3 road flares, a multipurpose tool, a first-aid kit, and a flashlight. A police motorcycle is one square wide by two squares long.
Vespa ET4
A compromise between a bicycle and a motorcycle, scooters are useful for getting through clogged city streets. Because they only have small, single-cylinder engines, scooters are not allowed on highways. A scooter is one square wide and one square long.