Scrying spells

To attempt any of these tasks, the scrying spell must be on your class spell list (though it need not be among your spells known). If you have any bonuses that would apply to the caster level of your scrying spell, add these to your caster level check.
Task DC
Learn scryer 30
Return scrying 50
Break scrying Opposed caster level check
Learn Scryer: If you determine that you're being scried upon, you can learn the identity of the scryer with a DC 30 caster level check. If successful, you learn the name, race, and location of the scryer.
Return Scrying: If you determine that you're being scried upon, you can look back through the sensor at the scryer with a DC 50 caster level check. This allows you to spy on the scrying being as if you had cast a scrying spell upon that person. This return scrying can be detected by your target as normal.
Break Scrying: If you determine that you're being scried, you can make an opposed caster level check with the scryer. (Your caster level must be at least 21st to attempt this task.) If you are successful, the scrying ends, and the scryer may not target you with a Divination (Scrying) spell or effect for a number of hours equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1).
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