Hit Die: d6.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.
Powers: The epic wilder's manifester level is equal to her class level. The wilder's power points and powers known do not increase after 20th level (except through the use of epic feats).
Wild Surge: The epic wilder's wild surge continues to increase after 20th level. At 23rd level and every four levels higher than 23rd, the wild surge continues to gain an additional +1 boost to manifester level when used (+7 at 23rd, +8 at 27th, and so on).
Surging Euphoria: The wilder's surging euphoria progression continues past 20th level. At 28th level and every eight levels higher than 28th, the morale bonus on her attack rolls, damage rolls, and saving throws increases by 1 (+4 at 28th, +5 at 36th, and so on).
Volatile Mind: The epic wilder's volatile mind ability continues to increase. At 21st level and every four levels higher than 21st, the penalty assessed against telepathy powers manifested on the wilder is increased by 1 power point (5 points at 21st, 6 points at 25th, and so on).
Table: The Epic Wilder
Wilder Level Special
21st Volatile mind (5 power points)
22nd -
23rd  Wild surge +7
24th -
25th Volatile mind (6 power points)
26th -
27th Wild surge +8
28th Surging euphoria +4
29th Volatile mind (7 power points)
30th -