Prerequisites: Cha 29.
Benefit: The deity can possess any mortal in any location the deity can sense. Unwilling mortals can attempt Will saves (DC 10 + the deity's Charisma modifier + the deity's rank).
Notes: Spells that prevent possession block this ability if the mortal is unwilling. Likewise, spells that end possession drive out the deity if the mortal is unwilling. If the mortal is willing, however, the deity cannot be blocked or driven out, except by a divine
shield or the use of the Alter Reality salient divine ability by a deity of higher rank.
The possessed mortal effectively becomes an avatar of the deity. The deity can draw on all the possessed mortal's memories, and the deity senses what the mortal senses. Each mortal possessed counts as a remote location where the deity is sensing and communicating. A demigod can possess up to two mortals at a time, a lesser deity can possess up to five mortals at once, an intermediate deity can possess up to ten, and a greater deity can possess up to twenty mortals at once.
While the deity is in possession, the mortal's abilities are unchanged, except as noted below.
Type: Same as the deity.
Hit Points: Same as the mortal, +1 for each rank of the deity.
Armor Class: The mortal gains a divine bonus to Armor Class equal to half the deity's divine rank.
Ability Scores: Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution are unchanged. Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma become 5 points lower than the deity's (or remain as the mortal's scores if they are higher).
Saves: Fortitude and Reflex same as the mortal; Will adjusted if necessary for the mortal's new Wisdom score.
Skills: The mortal can use its own skills and the deity's skills. If the mortal and the deity have the same skill, use the skill of whichever has more ranks in the skill. Use the mortal's effective ability scores to determine skill modifiers.
Suggested Portfolio Elements: Supreme.
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