The deity can make plants and animals sentient, and it can reduce sentient creatures to animal or plant form.
Benefit: The deity can grant humanlike sentience to trees or animals. This sentience lasts a maximum of one day, and the sentient tree or animal obeys the deity's commands to the best of its ability. The deity can affect up to one creature per divine rank at once, but no more than that number each day. All must be within the deity's line of sight when first affected.
Also, the deity can transmute any creature into a plant or animal of approximately the same size or up to two size categories smaller. The subject is allowed a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the deity's Charisma modifier + the deity's divine rank) to resist. Subjects
turned into plants become objects. Subjects turned into animals have the same abilities and statistics of the kind of animal the deity chooses.
The Alter Reality ability can make either effect permanent.
Suggested Portfolio Elements: Nature.