Benefit: As a free action, the deity can assume any size from Fine to Colossal. The deity also can change the size of up to 100 pounds of objects it touches. If the deity has a familiar, personal mount, or personal intelligent weapon, the creature can change size with the deity if the deity touches it, but its weight counts against the deity's weight limit. This is a supernatural ability.
Notes: This ability allows the deity to assume any proportions from the size of a grain of sand up or as much as 1,600 feet tall. A radical change in size can have great impact on the deity's combat ability. The deity's Strength, Armor Class, attack bonus, and damage dealt with weapons changes according to the size the deity assumes. The deity's Strength
score can never be reduced to less than 1 through this ability. Also note that use of this divine ability does not affect all the deities' characteristics.
Suggested Portfolio Elements: Any.
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