In addition to dimension generators, most dimensional travelers at Progress Level 8 and beyond carry dimensional transceivers, which
A dimensional transceiver permits two-way communication across dimensions, although dimensional static can sometimes hinder or block communications. The somewhat bulky PL 8 transceiver can be carried like a backpack; a handheld version is available at PL 9.
A dimensional transceiver must be calibrated to transmit signals to a given dimension. Assuming the coordinates have already been plotted using some kind of dimension generator (see above), calibrating the transceiver takes a full-round action and requires a successful Computer Use check (DC 15), The PL 9 version can store the coordinates of up to five different dimensions.
Size: Medium (PL 8), Tiny (PL 9).
Weight: 4 lb. (PL 8), 1 lb. (PL 9)
Purchase DC: 24.
Restriction: Restricted (+2).
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