Bags and Boxes

With the wide variety of equipment available to modern adventurers, it's often critical to have something to store the equipment in or carry it around in.
Aluminum Travel Case
A travel case is a reinforced metal box with foam inserts. Wing-style clamps keep it from opening accidentally.
A briefcase can carry up to 5 pounds worth of gear. A briefcase can be locked, but its cheap lock is not very secure (Disable Device DC 20; break DC 10).
Contractor's Field Bag
A combination tool bag and notebook computer case, this has pockets for tools, pens, notepads, and cell phones. It even has a clear plastic flap for maps or plans. Made of durable fabric, it holds 10 pounds worth of equipment and comes with a shoulder strap.
Day Pack
This is a small backpack, the sort often used by students to carry their books around, or by outdoor enthusiasts on short hikes. It holds 8 pounds of gear and fits comfortably over one or both shoulders.
Handbags provide another way to carry 2 pounds of equipment. The purchase DC shown is for a basic bag; high-fashion purses can increase the DC by as much as 5.
Range Pack
This lightweight black bag has a spacious inner compartment capable of holding roughly 8 pounds of gear and can hold an additional 4 pounds in six zippered external compartments. The larger version holds 12 pounds of equipment in the internal compartment and another 6 pounds in the zippered external pouches. A range pack easily holds several pistols and a submachine gun, and the larger version can hold disassembled rifles.
Patrol Box
Originally developed for use by police officers, this portable file cabinet has found favor with traveling salespeople. This hard-sided briefcase takes up the passenger seat of an automobile and provides easy access to files, storage for a laptop computer, and a writing surface. It holds 5 pounds worth of equipment and has an average lock (Disable Device DC 25; break DC 15).