What is Inside a Fire Truck

Fire trucks are enormous vehicles that carry a tremendous amount of firefighting, medical, and search and rescue equipment. Obviously, most of the space is dedicated to the operation of the fire hoses. The following items can be found in the front cab of a fire truck:
• CB radio (equivalent to professional walkie-talkie with double the range).
• GPS receiver
• Searchlight (mounted to vehicle)
• 4 walkie-talkies (professional) with charger
• Maps (road atlas)
• Instant camera and extra film
• Binoculars
• Shovels, brooms, and steel rake
• 2 battery powered floodlights
The following items are located in various storage panels on the sides and rear of the fire truck. Some of these items have been condensed into kits:
• 1 crash kit
• 2 trauma kits
• 3 first-aid kits
• 1 basic evidence kit
• Hose and pipe fittings
• Flashlights (3 battery flood, 3 regular)
• Basic mechanical tool kit (including duct tape, boltcutters, multipurpose tool)
• Long tools (shovels, rakes, brooms, wrenches, pry bar, fire axe, sledgehammer)
• Hand-held fire extinguishers (pressure water, dry chemical, C02, halon)
• Rope (100 feet)
• 2 searchlights (mounted on sides of the vehicle)
• Submersible water pump
• Tarps
• 2 chainsaws
The following equipment is located in the hose bed and open top compartment of a fire truck:
• Fire hoses (100+ feet)
• Hose fittings and couplings
• 5 gallon can of gasoline
• 2 15-foot ladders
• Gas-powered circular saw
• Gas-powered electrical generator and cables